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The future of Customer Communication

Assist your customers with the perfect mix of a personal and automated service

Powered by smart Chatbots

Add messenger-specific features to your customer service with the help of chatbots

No coding skills required

All features can easily be configured within oratio. It only takes a few minutes

Automate makes customer communication easy

  • More than 40% of customers want an answer within 1 hour

    Automation can help you to increase customer satisfaction: Replies to customers' questions are sent out in seconds rather than hours.

  • Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) get answered automatically

    You can set pre-defined answers for your most important questions. Answer them with the help from smart AI in over 17 languages!

  • Interactive elements make communication on messengers even easier

    We added elements like Conversation Menus to let your customers access information with just a single tap of a button.

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Automate is available on all messaging networks we support. Give it a try with our official oratio messaging channels!

What is included with Automate?

Knowledge Base

The foundation of modern customer communication. Set up and define categories to organize your replies. You can use these replies within ongoing conversations or setup AI Rules to add automation.

AI Rules

Automatically send the right response. Take care of repetitive questions by adding smart AI Rules that react on pre-defined words and phrases. Our smart chatbot will assist your customers immediately with the appropriate response.

Conversation Menu

Add extra information to your messaging channel. Conversation Menu’s contains top-level actions that users can interact with at any point. These can include responses, URLs and more.

Command Box

Work more efficiently with pre-defined answers. Access your pre-defined replies from Knowledge Base with a single keyboard shortcut. Never type the same response again and save valuable time.

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