5 reasons why all companies should be available on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram

You may have never considered having customers contact you on messaging networks like WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram. Here are 5 quick reasons of an endless list of why you should take on this opportunity for your business.

1. Be present where your customers are

Messaging apps have more active users than social networks with WhatsApp being the most preferred platform, closely followed by Facebook Messenger. With millions of your customers spending a decent amount of their time on their messaging apps daily it can only make sense to hold you conversations right where your customers are.

Messaging apps over social media sites

2. Quickly exchange responses with your customers

Not only do messengers allow customers to approach you with their questions on their most used platforms but the speed of messaging can be a real advantage to your business. Using messengers avoids time consuming email trails which not only saves your customers time but also saves your businesses resources. Spend less time emailing and have more time to make crucial business conversions.

3. Increase brand perception and awareness

Your customers want to feel valued and understood, businesses that achieve this feeling obtain loyal customers. Messengers can establish and facilitate a closer relationship with your customers which in turn translates to an increase in perception of your business.

Word of mouth has to be one of the most sound ways to obtain new positive customers. Satisfy your customers by ensuring they don't need to go to the trouble of writing you an email or picking up the phone to contact you by simply being available on their messengers. Happy customers often share this satisfaction with their friends and family.

4. Increased opportunity for growth

Messengers give you an increased opportunity to add-on to a sale or quickly follow up with customers. Send your customer a message directly on WhatsApp and its highly likely you will reach them in a few moments. Is your customer buying a pair of shoes? Easily ask if they need socks or insoles with their order just like you could in a retail store!

5. Stand out in your marketplace

Being available on WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram is a relatively new thing for business. Early adaptors have reported increase in both sales and customer satisfaction. Soon it will be imperative to have your business readily available on messengers. Why not stand out from your competitors and start now.