5 Ways of Boosting your Business with WhatsApp Messenger

How do you communicate with your friends and family? I assume you are using your smartphone. And if you do so, it's very likely that you are using a messenger service at some point to share text messages, photos, videos and more with your beloved ones.

Messengers have an incredible reach. WhatsApp for example has over 1 billion monthly active users and in mid 2015, mobile messengers have surpassed social networks in terms of active users, according to Business Insider.1

Benefits of WhatsApp for Business

Messengers enable businesses to do really great stuff. This includes real-time chats with their users, sharing multimedia files and above all, reaching out through channels their users are already familiar with.

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We picked five great examples that show how companies can super-charge their business with WhatsApp:

1. Personal Assistance

Every customer is different, yet customer satisfaction is always key to a long-lasting relationship for your company. The Berlin-based startup Outfittery sells online fashion boxes for men who are not interested in shopping - or simply don't have time for it. Each fashion box is individually created from fashion experts and includes a full set of clothes.

Outfittery Customer Assistance

To improve the personal shopping experience and make it more personal, Outfittery decided to offer individual guidance through WhatsApp. Outfittery gives custom advice to men about fashion and style, all done through WhatsApp.

2. Real-time Support

There are situations where every minute counts. Let's say you are at the airport and ready for check-in, but suddenly you realize that you lost your ticket. Where is it? What are you doing now?

The solution is simple: You pull out your phone and start texing your airline's WhatsApp service team. After sending a photo of your passport and cross-checking your phone number with their database, they easily re-issue a new ticket by sending the ticket's QR code to your phone.

There are cases when customer service and customer support have to be fast and in this case, messengers are the exact right channels for this purpose.

3. Online Ordering & Concierge Services

You have probably heard about online ordering and concierge services like Magic or GoButler. These services allow their customers to order pretty much anything through their phones by simply texting the request to service's phone number.

Magic order through phone - Online ordering service

Ask questions, order food, find shops nearby... personal assistants and concierge services are expanding fast and offer a huge variety of services.

The biggest differentiation however is the interface they are relying on, it's texting. It can be as simple as that by proving an interface that can easily be handled by users.

4. Customer Feedback

Improving products and services over time is essential for businesses to stay relevant in the market. But most customer feedback systems are either very unsexy (looking your way, paper questionnaires!) or not engaging enough to get sufficient qualified feedback.

The real question is, why is giving feedback not as easy as texting someone on WhatsApp? No extra app needs to be installed, no further instructions need to be given. Everything is simple and straight forward.

5. Team Communication & Coordination

Handling complex situations with teams is a challenging task and is often coordinated by one person that gives instructions and receives feedback on the current situation.

Team chatting and using messengers

For example, organizing events and parties or planning a business trip are perfect examples of how communication within teams can be optimized through mobile messengers such as WhatsApp.

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