Audio Calling, Stickers, Extended Chats: New Snapchat Features reveal Messenger Strategy

The well-known app for snapping short videos, Snapchat, has leaked new features which highlight that the US startup is currently working on an enhanced chat experience, stickers and calling features – similar to messengers such as WeChat, LINE, Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Snapchat Hidden Features
Snapchat New Release

The leaked screenshots from Snapprefs1 show new features like an upcoming support for sticker sets, live audio and a stronger focus on text chats. The team uncovered the code from Snapchat's Android version only for a short period of time, but were able to take screenshots.

With an estimated 200 million2 monthly active users (MAU), the app is relatively small compared to Facebook's latest numbers published today by Mark Zuckerberg.3

Facebook latest usage numbers

However, Snapchat revolutionized mobile video and created a unique mobile experience, what companies like Facebook or Google never achieved ever since.

Adding new features to Snapchat tells us they are now exploring new ways of eventually monetizing it the messenger.

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