🔎 Chatbot discovery on Messenger- how will it happen? 🔎

If there are over 10,000 new bots being developed with many gaining Facebook's approval everyday. Where are they? Discovery of current chatbots is a common issue facing both developers and users.

Chatbots will be preferred to apps but discovery is currently difficult

Chatbots are awesome, no doubt about it. If you are yet to be convinced, read this. But unlike apps, unless you read an article or are a genuine follower of a company that has built a bot, you have no real way of discovering the new chatbots available. How could this be solved?

Apps have play and app stores

Discovery of a new app is easy, check out the latest releases on the app or play stores. You can even search for a particular app you are looking for within different categories. As for chatbots, there isn't such a thing... yet.

Chatbots can utilize the social platform that was missing from app sales

Even without the presence of a 'chatbot store', bots could still have the competitive advantage in comparison to apps.

Social platforms. By existing within social platforms where a majority of customers are, chatbots already have a head start. Apps have always been separate. Separate conversations, interaction and usage. Now bots have found the sweet spot.

Increased visibility on the platform is the answer ✔

New chatbots should be given visibility on Facebook to allow it's users easy access to them. Ideally this would be a space well collated like the app and play stores with searchable categories. We suspect this is something Facebook must be working on given it is almost impossible to be resolved by outsiders, but the space is always open!

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