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Chatbots are changing the way we interact with services and have already been labelled as the “new apps”. They could be the future of communication and the beginning of a new era of the internet.

WeChat has already shown how to build a truly mobile platform rather than just a mobile app. They used payment as a portal and are pioneers of the “app within an app” model. Other messenger platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Line, Slack or HipChat are competing to become the “WeChat of the West”.

We put together a slidedeck, featuring the most important key aspects of messaging apps and chatbots.

Messenger Platform Wars - Chatbots as new era of the internet from David Pichsenmeister

Key Takeways

  • Chatbots are not a new thing, but the platforms have changed. Mobile messengers now have an incredible reach and already surpassed social networks by monthly active users.

  • People download fewer or even zero(!) apps. Existing platforms are becoming more important and messaging apps are already among the most used apps, with an average time spent per user per day of up to 48 minutes.

  • Desktop Computers and Laptops have Browsers and Websites, Smartphones have App stores. Messaging apps are quickly becoming new platforms with chatbots as its apps.

  • Conversational interfaces give users the possiblity to interact with services in a “human” way, through natural language.

  • Transactional chatbots have the potential to become a smart and better command line for normal users.

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David Pichsenmeister
David Pichsenmeister

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