Current numbers for mobile messengers (Q1 2017)

We updated the numbers from our previous article from Q4 2016. Some numbers haven't changed since some networks are very reserverd with giving out new numbers. Anyway we are trying to get the most accurate numbers from the web.

Messenger with 1.2 Bn monthly active users has now the same amount of users as WhatsApp. This is in fact a positive indicator especially for the Messenger platform, as businesses getting more and more interested into messengers.

Facebook Messenger logo


Info: At Facebook's F8 conference new numbers were released. Facebook Messenger has now also 1.2 Bn monthly active users.

Monthly active users: 1.2 billion 1
Geographical focus: North America, Western Europe, Australia, Eastern Europe

WhatsApp logo


Info: For the first time WhatsApp is not the only #1 messenger around the globe as it shares the same amount of users as Messenger.

Monthly active users: 1.2 billion 2
Geographical focus: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Russia, SE Asia, India

WeChat logo


Info: WeChat is not only China's most popular messenger, but also used by many Chinese expats and is now also moving into new markets like Hong Kong, Singapore and surrounding areas.

Monthly active users: 889 million 3
Geographical focus: China

Viber logo


Info: Viber had around 10% increase from 236 million to 260 million MAUs according to the last recent numbers.

Monthly active users: 260 million4
Geographical focus: Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, SE Asia

Skype logo


Info: Skype was founded 2003 in Sweden. In 2005 it was bought by eBay and later in 2011 sold to Microsoft.

Monthly active users: 300 million 5
Geographical focus: Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, SE Asia

Line logo


Info: Line, which recently pushed its platform in US, Europe and South America, is planning to leave US market for now. Read more

Monthly active users: 220 million 6
Registered users: 300 million
Geographical focus: Japan, South Korea, SE Asia

Telegram Messenger logo


Info: Telegram is a messaging platform founded by Pavel Durov, former founder of in Russia. It has a focus on encryption, speed and bots. It recently announced the first winners of there $1 mio USD prize for bot developers.

Monthly active users: 100 million 7
Geographical focus: South America, Middle East, Russia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe

Kik logo


Info: Kik is a popular messenger among teens in North America. It was founded by a group of students in 2009.

Registered users: 300 million 8
Geographical focus: North America