Current numbers for mobile messengers (Q4 2016)

Good news! The global messaging space is thriving and steadily growing. One important factor of this development is the rising number of platforms supporting chatbots such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Kik, Telegram and more.

We have collected the latest numbers for the most popular mobile messaging networks:

WhatsApp logo


WhatsApp is the most popular messenger worldwide and was first released in 2009. In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19bn. WhatsApp just recently announced on their blog to discontinue support for older devices. Website:

Monthly active users: 1.15 billion 1
Daily messages sent: 60+ billion 2
Geographical focus: Europe, Latin America, South East Asia, Russia, India, Africa, Middle East

Facebook Messenger logo


Facebook's Messenger offers chatbot support since the last f8 conference in April 2016 and became then extremely popular within a global developers community. Messenger is one of the most versatile messaging apps on the market. Website:

Monthly active users: 1.1 billion 3
Daily messages sent: 60+ billion 4
Geographical focus: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, South East Asia

Telegram Messenger logo


Telegram is a messenger built with speed in mind. It works across the most important platforms, is popular for its chatbot support and security features. Website:

Monthly active users: 170 million 5
Daily messages sent: 15+ billion 6
Geographical focus: Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe, South America

Viber logo


Founded 2010 in Israel, Viber was launched as Skype competitor, but it quickly became a popular app for video and audio calls on mobile devices. Viber just recently launched Public Accounts for companies and public figures. Website:

Monthly active users: 260 million 7
Daily messages sent: NA
Geographical focus: Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East

Kik logo


Kik is becoming increasingly popular among millenials in North America due to its early support for chatbots on the platform enabling users to e.g. order at restaurants. It was founded in 2010 in Canada. Website:

Registered users: 300+ million 8
Daily messages sent: NA
Geographical focus: Canada, USA

Kik logo


WeChat is truly one of the most innovative messengers on this planet. With WeChat users can wire money, play games, make a doctor's appointment, hail a taxi and much more. It is China's most popular messenger and was founded in 2011. Website:

Monthly active users: 846 million 9
Daily messages sent: NA
Geographical focus: China

LINE logo


LINE was founded in 2011 and is an incredibly popular messenger in Japan and Korea. The company is earning money by selling sticker packs and running offline retail shops to sell merchandise. Website:

Monthly active users: 230 million 10
Daily messages sent: NA
Geographical focus: Japan, South Korea, Russia, South East Asia