eCommerce & WhatsApp are the perfect fit for Customer Service

As an online shop owner and eCommerce merchant you know the importance of customer care, because only a happy customer is a returning customer.

In fact, focusing on customer service is one of the secrets behind's huge success1: Instead of arguing over returning policies with their customers, replaces in most cases the article without further hassle and offer an automatic refund.

In the 2013 Foresee Experience Index report2, was named as the #1 company to offer a great online customer experience. Furthermore, the study found out that satisfied customers:

  • 75% more likely to prefer the brand overall
  • 60% more likely to continue doing business with the company
  • 83% more likely to purchase more
  • 77% more likely to recommend the brand to others
  • 76% more likely to trust the brand in general

Good customer service always builds trust

Being in reach of customers is essential for online businesses, because the user experience of online shops differs fundamentally from offline retail shops. Your customers usually don't have any physical contact with your business.

Therefore, online businesses need to have a different approach in creating a unique and lasting customer experience.

We identified 3 key questions for building a successful eCommerce brand:

  • How are my customers perceiving my shop — visually and emotionally?
  • How will they remember it 6 months after purchasing an article, if at all?
  • What would it take to convert a one-time customer to become a returning customer?

Mobile messengers are the perfect channel for customer communication

Think of your own communication behavior, how often do you use messengers such as WhatsApp in your private life? I assume most of your daily conversations between your friends and family are handled through messengers — either mobile or on desktop.

2016 will be the year of conversational commerce
— Chriss Messina (@chrismessina), Developer Experience Lead at UBER

They key questions is, why not use these highly efficient communication channels for your business? Give your customers the opportunity to reach out to your company using the mobile messenger they love, WhatsApp.

Being present on messengers builds trust, because mobile messengers are a channel of trust.

At, we think being where your customers are is 🔑 to success. Not only is it essential to establish a communication channel that keeps your customers up to date, but it also gives them the opportunity to ask questions and get help instantly.

We are giving all eCommerce businesses a free 14 days trial to see for themselves, how mobile messengers are improving their customer experience.

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