Facebook Messenger now allows Color Themes and Custom Emoji Responses 💩

Right in time for the holiday season, Facebook released a new version of it's Messenger with new group features and custom emoji responses. These features are aiming to make Facebook Messenger more personal.

Respond with emojis: 💩 instead of 👍

Set custom with emoji

The Like button in Facebook Messenger is a popular feature for unawkardly ending a conversation with a friend. How? Instead of responding with a text, you simply hit the Like button and the conversation is over.

However, this button can now be customized and allows the usage of a small set of pre-defined emojis!

Shit emoji

You can set your custom emoji response by accessing the settings menu in every individual chat.

Set custom color themes for group chats

Custom color themes

One more new feature is the customization of each chat's color bubbles: You can now define the color of the bubbles on your side of the conversation. However, the other side's bubbles stay gray.

Light blue Facebook Messenger bubbles

All these features can bet set in each conversation's individual settings which can be accessed on the top right corner in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger settings

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