Facebook Messenger will shake up eCommerce Businesses around the World

Last night, Facebook announced at the F8 conference in Fort Mason, SF that the company will give every business on the planet the opportunity to leverage Facebook Messenger as a channel for customer service, product discovery and sales.

Why Mobile Messengers are so important

Using a mobile first channel such as Facebook Messenger is truly a completely new way of interacting with customers. In a time, when more than 65% of the US smartphone users are downloading an average of 0 (zero!) apps per month, existing applications will become more important. People are downloading fewer apps and bots within messengers are quickly becoming a new way to enrich messenger platforms with context from outside the messenger.

App download statistics

Facebook Messenger has been the third most popular app on the App Store and Play Store in 2015, right after Facebook and YouTube, and it is used by more than 900 million users every month around the globe.

App downloads - Facebook Messenger

As a business, this means that Facebook Messenger is becoming one of the most interesting channels to look out for in 2016 and with Facebook’s announcement at the F8, the company will provide businesses with exactly these tools.

This is a true Game Changer for Online Shops

Let me explain why this is so important for eCommerce businesses: Conversational interfaces bring a completely new user experience especially to mobile customers. Instead of using different interfaces for the same task – buying products online – messaging apps can offer one streamlined interface that supports text messages, images & photos and interactive cards with buttons – and the support of chat bots that are able to understand basic human language.

Facebook Messenger empowers customers to discover products in a revolutionary new way. This will be an experience the web always failed to deliver

If you wanted to buy a product online today, you would need to open a website or app, search through a wide range of products until you would finally discover the product of your choice.

In case you have any questions, you would need to use an integrated live chat on the shop’s website or send an email. After your purchase, you would receive a confirmation email, another email when your package is shipped and maybe even a follow-up message.

This whole process forces the customers to deal with two or more different platforms and have more than three conversations or threads. With Facebook Messenger, businesses can leverage the best methods of interaction in one, single place because in messaging apps, every conversation is canonical, giving businesses one single thread for their whole customer communication.

Customers can discover products within Facebook Messenger, contact customer support, receive order confirmations and track their order – all this within one thread, having the conversation always in the pocket.

Get your Online Shop ready for Facebook Messenger 🚩

At oratio, we are giving online eCommerce businesses a major push forward by giving access to Facebook’s new messaging platform with support for interactive messages and chat bots right within oratio.

This enables online shops to offer outstanding customer service and a completely new experience for customers to discovering products wherever they are through a messaging application they love.