Google is working on a Facebook Messenger rival with Bot features and AI

Google has reportedly been working over a year on a new, feature rich messenger similar to Facebook Messenger and Telegram Messenger. It will include both, bot features and smart artificial intelligence (AI) for chat conversations.

Virtual assistants will play an important role in Google's attempt to launch a new messaging service. It is very likely that bots will be these virtual assistants with the capability of searching the web for answers and other information.

Google Now Features

With Google's AI technology used in other products such as Google Now, this seems to be a promising feature.

After becoming head of Google’s communications products, Nick Fox seems to be in charge of the product development related to Google's new messaging app.

Google is far behind

However, the company from Mountain View is definitely late to enter the race and no one knows at this point if Google will succeed.

Despite having smart people working at the company, timing is essential when launching new products, as we have seen with Google's attempt to compete with Facebook and Twitter by re-furbishing it's own social network Google+.

Competitors such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger have already gained a large number of users over the past few years and will very likely extend their feature range in order to compete with Google's new messenger.

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