Hidden oratio features that will push your productivity to the max

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We all know the expression 'time is money', and when it comes to customer service this saying is especially true. Customers usually contact you when they want something. When do they want it? Now... and fast.

It doesn't matter how quickly your service team has been handling customer requests, letting the customer wait for too long is not acceptable. What the customer doesn't know though is that there are certain times when a short waiting period is inevitable; like during peak hours, promo launches or simply when the staff is on lunch break.

Find out the exact conversation time

Precise reporting and confirming the exact time and date of certain conversations is important within customer care teams. If you are struggling with doing the math for '11 minutes ago' in your head or don't feel psychic enough to determine when exactly 'a month ago' was - don't worry - there's an easy trick for this common problem.

Simply move the cursor to the time shown underneath the conversation and a couple of seconds later you will see when exactly this message was sent or received.

Move your cursor underneath the message and wait for the exact time to appear

Reveal additional contact data

Most of the times there is no cute way for service agents to ask for the contact details of their customer when offering customer care via mobile messengers. Customer data should either be stored somewhere in the system or since you are writing via WhatsApp or another messenger you should have more data available than just the username.

If you don't want to ask your customer for the gazillionth time or just want to save time looking up customer details, you can simply click on the name above the chatbox and depending on the used messenger you will see additional information from User ID to username and telephone number.

Click on the username for more infos

A pop-up will open up with additional information

When twice is not as nice

oratio was designed to help customer service teams handle requests coming in from mobile messengers easier and more efficient. In the heat of the battle it can happen though that two colleagues take care of the same request, especially if a conversation is still unassigned.

Actually there is nothing wrong with that, but it can lead to unnecessary customer irritation. You can simply avoid that by checking the area under your chat panel. If one of your colleagues is already typing to reply to a conversation you will be notified by the typing indicator.

Check for the typing indicator to see if one your colleagues is already handling the request

Team Inbox: Sharing is caring

A feature that has absolutely no reason to hide but remains pretty much unknown by our customers is the team inbox. Assigned messages by your colleagues are stored in the team inbox and can be accessed by anyone.

Why would I need that feature? If one of your colleagues is on vacation or sick leave you can simply access his conversations and customer base by clicking on 'team inbox' in the upper menu. The team inbox is also a great place for onboarding new colleagues to the team. It is a great resource for getting a feel for the company tonality and for learning from more experienced service agencies.

These are just two of the most common use cases for the team inbox. If you use it otherwise or now about some other hidden features let is know on Twitter.

Click on team inbox in the upper menu to see conversations of your team