How chatbot-based communication makes your customers *really* happy with your customer care

One of chatbots most useful functions is serving as a customer service tool. Building the perfect chatbot for that task is not that easy if you don't have any experience in customer service on messenger platforms. So, if you have decided to improve your customer service with the power of chatbots, here are a few things to get right to ensure you are providing the best service .​

1- Response time

Response time is everything in customer service. Frankly, no one wants to wait too long to have their problems solved. So, communicating quickly is every customer’s dream.

Also, Facebook Messenger allows you to see the approximate response time of the company on their page. It is a chance to impress your customers even before helping them.

There is no doubt that your customers will get a response immediately from your chatbot. But it is also important for them to get a quick response from your customer representative if it is a problem your bot cannot answer.

2- Quickly shifting with real human support

Chatbots have the capacity to solve basic problems or answer simple questions for us. On the other hand, a chatbot may not be able to solve complicated problems and you may need a human to step into the service. In this case, switching between chatbot and human support must be quick, otherwise, it is not too different from old school live chat or e-mails.

It also not like switching between representatives as before. You used to have to explain yourself over and over from the very beginning and that is exhausting. Since you using a messenger, customer service reps can see your previous conversation and it can be helpful for your further questions or problems.

As mentioned before, when the customers’ problems get serious, they (and also you) may want human support for that issue. It’s not enough to respond customers immediately via chatbot, it can also crucial to shift to a representative immediately and chatbot based communication can facilitate this.

3- Remember the customers and their preferences

Chatbots can assist you to cherish your customer and serve them according to their needs. This way you can earn their trust and increase customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction brings you the loyalty.

You have all the information you need, thanks to messengers. Once you know them, and continue to serve them in the same standards, customers will be pleased. Simply by letting your chatbot address your customers with their name it can make them feel more special and understand that this is an individual service and you care about them.

Not losing any information about their previous issues, preferences, and requests move you to another level of customer service and satisfaction.

4- Chatbots with large vocabulary

Whether you want your chatbot be like more human or machine, vocabulary is important. Even some chatbots that are considered as successful, are not great at everything; and vocabulary is one of them. It is not fun and not convenient when you say “Hi” instead of “Hello” and chatbot gets confused. No one wants to get a respond like “I'm sorry, I didn’t get it. Please choose one of them.” to a simple greeting. So, the struggle is real!

Even though customer service chatbots are not for fun and their noble cause is to solve your problem for you as soon as possible, without wasting your time, it doesn’t kill anyone to say “Hello” or “Have a nice day”.

You should teach your chatbot everyday language and alternative words as it improves their understanding and depth of states that are expressed in various ways.

If you really want to advance your customer service; build your chatbot with the customer in mind, make sure you respond to your customers quickly if the question goes beyond your chatbot's means and keep improving your chatbots vocabulary!