How to make the most out of your 14-day free trial

Congratulations, if you are reading this then you probably already signed up for our 14-day free trial. Yeah! Skip the next two paragraphs to jump straight to your benefits.🎉

If not, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to build your business with mobile messengers. Being present where your customer are is key for any business or brand, so sign up here straight away: 14-day free trial

At oratio, we believe heavily in messengers for business, but we also understand that you, as a customer, might have a more safe approach towards a fairly new technology. We totally get that. That's why we want to give you the opportunity to try out all features of our customer service and eCommerce messaging platform. For free. For 14 full days.

Here are all the things you can explore, test, take advantage of during your free trial:

📲 Connect all your messengers and Facebook Pages

The first thing you should do is connect the messengers that you would like to use for your brand. This way you can stay in touch with your customers and start building your business with mobile messengers the easy way.

Want to use WhatsApp for business? Simply add WhatsApp from the Marketplace. Are you operating a Facebook Page? Great, add all the pages you are admin in Settings > Accounts. Other available messaging networks: Viber, Telegram and Kik.

🕵 Add multiple agents to your team

The next step is to invite your team members to oratio. Our platform was designed to help teams work in the most effective way to handle customer or sales requests.

Go to Settings > Team and invite additional team members to your account. Or simply copy and share the team invitation link found on the bottom of the page. New members can be either admins or agents.

🤖 Set auto-responder messages

Not running customer support 24/7? Not a problem! You can set up an individual auto-responder message for each of your connected messengers to inform them about your business hours.

You might also use the auto-responder to welcome your customers to your new messaging channel with a more personal note. Go to Settings > Auto responder to set your message.

💬 Place a widget on your website and start engaging with your customers

Now it's time to let people know that your business is also available on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Co. For this case, we've developed an easy-to-integrate-solution for your website or product page: a messenger widget.

If you are looking for a more customizable solution you can also make use of our auto-generated links. Both options can be found in Settings > Widget.

💸 Increase your online sales with Shop Assistant on Messenger

Mobile messengers are not only ideal for customer service, they can also help you open up a whole new sales channels in a few easy steps. Especially, if you have already invested all your hard work into your WooCommerce shop.

If that's the case, we challenge you to activate our WooCommerce integration from the Marketplace and connect your online shop to oratio. We will create an automated sales chatbot for you and you can start selling in Facebook Messenger within minutes. You will be surprised how easy it is.

Still not convinced? Check out our ChatbotConf store on Messenger.

📈 Check conversation and team analytics

No customer service or sales team is complete without reporting. We perfectly understand that analytics is essential for improving customer satisfaction and interactions. We also understand that it is nearly impossible to measure costumer happiness, but this is the closest thing you will get to it.

Add analytics from the Marketplace and check relevant key metrics such as opening-to-closing-times, conversations/messenger, requests/agent, ... under Settings > Analytics.