If you are building an app, think again. Chatbots are way to go!

How many apps do you have on your mobile phone and how many of them do you really use in your daily life?

We all have loads of apps and let’s admit: Most of them are not used more than once or twice. Then we do monthly clear out to make space and delete some of them.

We can divide those apps in three: ones that we really use, ones we use sometimes then delete, but then suddenly we need it and install it again! And ones we never actually use but we thought that “It’s a really cool idea, I will probably need this someday.” But that day never comes.

The main question is how can you give users the richest experience without forcing them to install an app?

The answer is chatbots.

Many have written about why chatbots will change our world and that we will say goodbye to apps. But how will they be a better replacement and why is this not another gimmick or phase? Let’s see:

They are faster than apps

While our lives are moving fast, we want our devices and assistant apps are to be fast too. Chatbots are faster in every aspect. Just think about the time it takes downloading, discovering and personalizing an app. When you want to use a chatbot, the only thing you need to do is start a conversation with them. There is no installing or figuring out a new interface. You don’t have to understand and personalize it because it has the same UI with the messaging platform.

Also, if you have a brand or business, it’s easier to make your customers message your chatbot instead of forcing them to install your app and use it regularly.

They are cheaper than apps

Even if you have your idea or your own brand already, it’s not that easy to build an app. You have to work with different developer professionals and you need a really good UI and countless tests. Of course, all of these aspects also requires time and money.

On the other hand, to build a chatbot, it takes less effort. All you need is your brand or idea and that’s all. A lot of people are currently building chatbots and with much success! Even with just one professional, you can build a chatbot.

You can promote it more easily

People use messaging apps even more than social apps. That is why you can promote your chatbot easily on Facebook Messenger or Telegram. Facebook has 11.000 chatbots right now and we can predict there will be more and more.

Instead of being swamped with the other apps in stores, you can take an advantage of having a chatbot on a messaging platform. Having a bot is more convenient, easier to market and most importantly easier to use.

And guess is also free from disturbing notifications and updates!

Take a look at your mobile phone and you can probably see that there are tons of applications that can continue their service as a chatbot. Apart from few fundamental apps, other ones we used for various tasks can easily translate to a chatbot and that makes them faster, more user-friendly and convenient helpmates!