Increase your online sales with Facebook Messenger and oratio Shop Assistant

Is your eCommerce business losing sales? Are you looking for new channels to promote your products online? Do you want to make your shop available on mobile messengers but lack the technical knowledge?

No need to worry, we have the answer to all your eCommerce questions: oratio Shop Assistant.

What is oratio Shop Assistant?

oratio Shop Assistant is a quick and easy way to launch your own eCommerce shop in Facebook Messenger.

When we developed this product we had business owners in mind who are looking for innovative eCommerce solutions but don't want to spend their valuable time on the technical implementation. The result is an easy-to-use-tool which creates an online shop in your customers favorite mobile messenger.

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Connect your WooCommerce or shopify online shop to Facebook Messenger within minutes

To get started all you need is a web shop with WooCommerce or shopify.

First, sign up to oratio for free. You can make use of our 14 day free trial. There are no hidden fees and also no set up fees, simply test our platform for two weeks. Once you have registered, simply head to your settings and connect your online shop via integrations. After you've filled in your details, the oratio Shop Assistant will do the rest.

Your WooCommerce or shopify online store including your whole product catalog will be available on Facebook Messenger within minutes. Search for your webshop in Messenger and enjoy your new online sales channel.

Billions of potential new customers at your fingertips

Once you have connected your eCommerce store to the oratio platform and Facebook Messenger you will open up a whole new world of sales opportunities for your business.

Messenger currently boasts over 1 billion users all over the globe and the numbers are still growing at a fast pace. At the annual developer conference in San Francisco, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that eCommerce and customer service chatbots will play a vital role within Messenger with the long-term goal of offering a complete online shopping experience from notifications, sales promotions, customer care solutions, receipts to shipping confirmation.

Automated sales processes and personal customer service guarantee an optimal shopping experience

Automated sales processes and customer service build the cornerstones of successful eCommerce products or services. Once you connect your business to the oratio platform you will be able to offer the best of both worlds to your customers.

Imagine a potential customer discovering your eCommerce shop in Messenger. He starts to browse your products like he would on your website, but what if he has a question and seeks additional information?

Since the customer already operates within a messenger, he can simply request the assistance of one of your service agents. Your agents will be contacted when help is needed and can simply start a conversation with an interested client. Once the issue is resolved, your agent can guide the customer back to your shop where he can continue his shopping procedure.

At oratio, we call this function Human Takeover, a feature that ensures a seamless and complete mobile shopping experience for your customers and increased sales opportunities for your online business.

How to get started:

  • Sign up for our 14-day free trial:
  • Connect your WooCommerce or shopify online shop via Settings > Integrations
  • Complete the setup and start selling your products on Facebook straight away
  • Improve your eCommerce service by offering customer care via other popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram or Kik