Kik integration is here! 🚀

Today oratio has expanded, offering businesses the opportunity to communicate with their customers via Kik!

Kik is another strong contender in the instant mobile messaging market. The platform allows users to create a free account by email and password. Users can connect with each other by searching a username, scanning a Kik code, or using their phone contacts by entering their phone number.

Why use Kik for my business?


Reach millions of new and existing customers

With over 300 million registered users, be it new or existing customers, the potential reach for your business is huge. An increase in reach equals a potential increase in profit!

40 percent of U.S. teenagers use Kik's iOS or Android app with the average engaging in 6.1 chats a day at 12.7 minutes per session. U.S. teen “super users” who Kik says make up 10 percent of its users, engage in 10 chats per day with an average of 157 minute per day!

Kik's group messaging abilities is an attractive feature that draws many of its users to the platform. Members not only use the platform for personal one to one conversations but also joint discussions about common subjects such as photography, artwork or motorcycles.

With your customers spending their time on Kik for both personal and leisure conversations, theres no reason not to place your business within these conversational lists.

Reach new markets

Kik's users are located mostly in the U.S. with the remainder spread across North America and Asia.

If you have had your eye on these markets it would be a good idea to be available on the messengers that are dominating in those areas. As explored above Kik users are active on the application for over 10mins a day (and even up to 157mins for super users!). Using Kik for your business will allow these potential customers to communicate with you too.

Scan the oratio Kik QR code

Richer communication experience

Kik offers multimedia responses such as sending pictures and documents. It also has a selection of stickers and emojis available for users. All of these qualities add to a richer communication experience for your customer. This richer experience adds to your overall interaction experience between you and your customer. Messaging takes conversations above and beyond the experience email provides. A better experience means a better brand perception!

Kik also facilitates internal apps in fact it was the first messaging platform in the western world to introduce bots. Kik users can interact with the likes of H&M, Sephora and VS Pink all from within the app! Explore other bots available on the Messenger from Kik's Bot Shop.

Market leading data metrics and analytics

Unlike other messaging apps, Kik is looking deeper into its data. Instead of releasing MAU (Monthly Active User) metrics, Kik is placing importance on the quality of the interactions they are facilitating. They have coined it "the attention metric".

Work with a company that knows the importance of quality over quantity and can provide you with more detailed data about your messaging usage.