Login via Telegram with TelegramLogin – by oratio

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our first open source project TelegramLogin. TelegramLogin enables web services to authenticate users via Telegram Messenger.

TelegramLogin gives the user full control


TelegramLogin can be used for web services to offer users a convenient way of signing in with their existing Telegram account — like other platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more already offer.

Built on Telegram's Bot platform

TelegramLogin is build on top of Telegram's Bot platform, therefore only data which can be retrieved via the Bot API is sent to the web service.

Login via Telegram Messenger

With the current state of Telegram's Bot API, the web service retrieves following data about the user:

  • Name
  • Telegram ID
  • Avatar (work in progress)
  • Username (if available)

The goal is to generate a unique email address for every Telegram user who connects with a web service via TelegramLogin, which is currently work in progress.

This is solely a feature of TelegramLogin to forward emails to the @TgLogin_Bot. Users can also revoke access to a web service through this bot.

Login via Messengers will become important

Mobile messengers are becoming the swiss knives for the mobile generation and having full control over your data in one single place, was one of the reasons why we at oratio started developing TelegramLogin as an open source project.

We welcome everyone to contribute to a new way of interacting with web services through messengers.

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