Stop using live chats and integrate your business with messengers 📱

But, I already have a live chat feature on my eCommerce website. Why would I need to integrate onto messengers?

No need for a webpage and conversations will not time out 🚀

Yes, your website analytics may prove your website is doing well with traffic but what about your browsing time? Even if your browsing stats are successful, do you know if your customer is actually there? If you don't reach out to a customer quickly you will loose the opportunity for conversation.

From your customers point of view, being able to chat with you on their messaging platforms means they don't need to keep a webpage open and can carry on with other tasks while waiting on your reply.

Revisit a conversation to up sell ⬆️⬆️

Want to check if your customer is happy with your product, or even have the opportunity to up sell in the future? Messengers allow you to access old conversations that live chats simply will not. As soon as your customer leaves the webpage of a live chat, you loose them too.

Again, your customer also looses your conversation when they leave the webpage. Messengers store these conversations for your customers on the platforms they use regularly. It is important for both you and your customer to have these opportunities for continuous conversation.

Messengers are a platform your customers use and trust 👪

One of the strongest arguments for integration has to be reaching your customers on platforms where they spend most of their time talking to their personal circles. By placing your conversation among those with your customers mother and friends you are subtly building a stronger relationship with your customer. This personal approach will translate into a better brand perception of your company as well as the potential to really increase sales and have a loyal following.

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