The Essential Guide to oratio

Team oratio welcomes you to this guide on how to set up your oratio account! First we will show you why it is important for your business to use messengers such as Facebook Messenger, Viber or Telegram to chat with your customers.

Right after we will immediately go to the very essence of this article, the setup of your account at oratio. Are you ready?

Why does my business need messengers at all?

Let's start with a simple question first: How are your customers interacting with your business today? They are very likely to check out your website, your Facebook Page, your Instagram account and your app, in case you have one.

That totally makes sense, since this has been the standard for a long time now. But in the recent years something remarkable has happened: Billions of people worldwide started using messengers rather than email to stay in touch with others!

Messengers such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram and Kik are incredibly popular especially when it comes to stay in touch with close ones like family and friends. Slowly but steadily, messengers have become the very heart of everyday communication and businesses all over the world started realizing that.

Hundreds and thousands of businesses worldwide are already relying on messengers for customer communication, because they are:

  • Fast
  • Personal
  • Already used by your customers

Today, we are helping your business to get started with messengers!

PS: If you want to know more about why it is important to use the channels your customers are already using, please check out our free eBook oratio talks Messengers

1. Signup for free

oratio: Signup for free

The first step is easy. Just enter your full name, your email address and your password. Click on "Next step >" to move on.

2. Connect your accounts

oratio: Connect your accounts

By connecting your accounts to oratio, you can define what channels you want to use for customer communication.

Facebook Messenger

All chats on Facebook Messenger are connected to your Facebook Page. If you click on "Messenger" you are redirected to Facebook to login to your account. We can then get all your Pages listed and you are able to select which Page you want to use:

oratio: Connect your accounts

After choosing the Page, you are all set. You can later on add or remove more Facebook Pages as you wish.

oratio: Connect your accounts

Decide if you want to connect another messaging network or proceed to the next step.

Viber Public Account

Connecting your Viber Public Account is very similar to other messaging networks on oratio, but you first have to apply for an account. We created a quick guide on how to set up your Viber account with oratio

Telegram Messenger

You can simply connect your Telegram bot to oratio copy & pasting your API key, but first you need to create a bot with the help of the Telegram bot creater called @Botfather. Click on the link and start creating your own Telegram bot.


The setup of Kik is very similar to Telegram Messenger, but creating a bot is a little bit different. For that, please use Kik's portal to get started with creating your own Kik bot.

3. Add team members

oratio: Add your team members

oratio is more fun with team members! With the conversation dashboard, you can work together on incoming conversations and assign them to each other. You can invite other team members either via email or by sharing your team link. New members will then get a personal invitation to your team.

Remember: You can register one oratio account per email address and team

4. Ready!

oratio: Connect your accounts

That's it, you've just finished the setup! On the left, you see the first conversation between you and us, Team oratio.

oratio: Connect your accounts

Open the conversation and see the next steps. If you need help setting up your account or if you have additional questions, simply reply to this conversation 😊

Alright, let's get started!

Are your ready? Get started right away and connect your oratio account – it's free and no credit card required: