The two biggest revelations from F8 for bot developers

It's that time of the year again: Facebook's annual developer conference F8 returns with the newest additions to the social media and messenger platform.

Which technologies and features will play a major role for the years to come? We are live in San Jose for two days and gathered all the information you need to prep your bot business for the future.

Chat Extensions

The rumors have been swirling around for a while already but now it's official. Facebook is adding Group Bots or Chat Extensions as they call it to Messenger and thus will be able to raise engagement amongst users even more.

Chat Extensions add a whole new element to Messenger by providing group members with information and at best will keep the conversation going. Can these extensions chat with other group members?

No, think of it as more of an extension that you can simply add to your group. Let's say you have a group with friends who enjoy movies then you can then simply add a cinema bot to receive notifications of upcoming and current movies in your local cinema. For a more private use, just add a voting feature to schedule a get together with your friends.

Adding group features will definitely enhance the function of Facebook's Messenger and we are sure that user numbers will reach new heights with this fire release. Check out 8 more areas where Chat Extensions will win.

Discovery Tab

After Mark Zuckerberg's big chatbot announcement at last years F8, hundred thousands of bots have flooded Messenger and were waiting to be tried out and played with. One main problem was that it was hard to discover any new bots besides those that got featured on a regular by Facebook or any publications.

It is clear that Facebook's new release will provide the already thriving bot environment with another big push but will Discovery Tab really solve the discovery problem? Only time will tell!