Trusted Partner: oratio goes Viber

Today, Viber launched Public Accounts and for the first time opened their platform for businesses to connect with over 800 million people.

Viber is already one of the most popular messengers in Southeast Asia and Central Eastern Europe and is ready to spread the messenger with a unique and rich experience to other parts of the globe.

Trusted partner from day one

At oratio we are not only super excited to add another high-profile messenger like Viber to our customer service platform, but also that we are a Trusted Partner from day one.

As a Trusted Partner it has never been easier to connect your oratio account to your business and offer customer care to your clients.

Viber trusts in oratio

Viber trusts in oratio

How to get started with Viber:

  • Sign up for our 14-day free trial
  • Connect account to Viber via Settings > Integrations
  • Complete the setup and offer personal customer service to over 800 million people
  • Offer additional customer care solutions via other popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Kik