What could turn your customers unsure decision into a purchase?

The eCommerce industry is experiencing rapid growth in mobile traffic but sale conversion rates are not growing as fast. Having your business available on Messengers could mean the difference between your customer making a purchase and not. Why?

Messengers make it easy for your customer

It is likely Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram Messenger are already installed on your customers phone, in fact they are probably using these apps multiple times a day to communicate with their close circles. If your business is available on messengers, your customers can contact you in a manner they are most familiar with.

Create and maintain a positive relationship and perception with your customers

Gone are the days of blunt business talk. Your customers want to feel valued and understood, businesses that achieve this feeling obtain loyal customers. Messengers allow you to converse with your customers as you would your friends and vice versa. Along with conversation, Messengers also support multimedia attachments that can again add to your customer’s positive perception of your business.

Be readily available to answer questions

The critical difference between a sale or a traffic statistic could be in the question that pops into your customers mind when they view your product. If you are not available on your customers messenger of choice they need to go to the trouble of writing an email or making a call. Often, these tasks will discourage a customer from making a purchase.

Exchange responses with your customers quickly

Answer all questions and convert a sale in minutes rather than the hours or days an email trail could force. Often your customer isn’t checking their email as often as their messengers. Reach them where they are.