WhatsApp has now officially 1 Billion Active Users

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Mark Zuckerberg announced today on Facebook that WhatsApp has now 1 billion monthly active users (MAU), after WhatsApp founder Jan Koum originally wanted to announce at the DLD conference in Munich the reach of this goal.

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WhatsApp is now the largest mobile messenger network by numbers and now in search of a viable business model, as Zuckerberg and Koum mentioned.

One billion people now use WhatsApp. Congrats to Jan, Brian and everyone who helped reach this milestone! WhatsApp's...

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, February 1, 2016

Companies will be able to offer services through the messenger and get more access to the network.

However, WhatsApp and Facebook did not go into detail how and when exactly these features will be rolled out. They will be available within this year, Jan Koum declared (in a fancy John Deere shirt).

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