Why WhatsApp Customer Care is important for your Company 📬

Offering customer support over WhatsApp is a completely new way of getting in touch with your users through a channel they already use and love!

Most communication between businesses and customers is happening today through email or live chats on websites. However, mobile messengers such as WhatsApp offer a variety of advantages for business usage:

  • WhatsApp is very fast & personal
    A message through WhatsApp is more important than any other email
  • WhatsApp is mobile first
    Reach your customers wherever the are
  • WhatsApp is already used by your customers
    It's is the largest messenger worldwide with more than one billion active users every month1

WhatsApp usage statistics

WhatsApp is where your users are right now.

Mobile messengers such as WhatsApp are counted among the most frequently used apps on smartphones. The most interesting part however is that almost 60% of all WhatsApp users use the messaging app more than once per day.2

The key question is why businesses are not already available on the channels their customers love?

WhatsApp usage frequency

How your business can benefit from Customer Service over WhatsApp

It's true that email will remain being an essential form of communication between customers and businesses, but messengers are opening up new possibilities for real-time interaction through text messages, photos, videos, locations and much more.

Think from your customer's point of view, how would you interact with a business if you could freely choose the channel?

Texting a company as easy as texting a friend is the goal we pursue at, where we enable businesses to offer customer service through mobile messengers.

Start using WhatsApp for Customer Service today

We are giving every user a free trial of 14 days during which they can see how WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram Messenger can improve their business communication with their customers:

WhatsApp for Business

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