Work faster and more efficient with Command Box by oratio

Today's performance-driven society not only requires you to work faster and harder but also smarter. Luckily for you, we have just developed the right tool to help you accomplish your goals, Command Box.

With Command Box you will be able to perform basic commands through the chat. Currently, there are three things that you can do with: Quick Replies, Assign and Close.

To open the Command Box, simply type in / in the typing field to see all available options. We will add more functionalities over time. Command Box is already built into oratio and comes with no additional costs.

Quick replies

This feature will make customer communication life much easier: With Quick Replies or Canned Responses you will have the right answer always at your fingertips. Literally. Also, you will save valuable time by not having to type in the same answer over and over again.

To activate one of your Quick Replies you will first have to set them in your Knowledge Base. To find out how to set your pre-defined replies, check our Automation Guide.

Once your replies are set you can easily access them by typing in /send followed by the first letters of your response (all searches will be auto-completed) or by choosing it directly from the appearing menu.

Your Quick Reply will be pasted into the typing area and you can send it immediately by pressing Enter.

Assign conversation

The fastest way to assign a conversation: Instead of clicking on the assign button, simply type in /assign followed by the name of your team member or choose it from the menu that will appear. Conversations will be assigned instantly after you press Enter.

Close conversation

You have successfully answered all your customer's questions and now it’s time close the conversation. By typing in /close and hitting Enter your current conversation will immediately move to the Closed Inbox and you can quickly move on to the next one.