Your Customers suck. And they are supposed to.

TL;DR We all build a product, the one way or the other. And sometimes customer feedback can be really harsh. Therefore we put together a short list of 6 points showing you how to get better at receiving customer feedback.

Let’s be honest: Sometimes customers really suck. A lot.

We as companies put all our energy and effort into our products, work days and nights trying to solve our customer’s pains. And for what? To receive annoying mails or calls, bad reviews on app stores or even shitstorms on social media.

Get customer advice and customer feedback

But being pissed off shows that you actually care

It’s not surprising and actually totally fine that we’re annoyed by negative feedback on our products, as this means that we did a bad job. And nobody wants to be told that he or she did something wrong.

We can compare this situation to bringing your significant other home for the first time and hearing your mom say „But this is nothing serious, right?“

Which also means that you did a bad job by making a bad choice. The usual reaction to this is being pissed off in the first place, being quickly followed by the aim to proof them wrong.

It's all about Perspective

Switching from being pissed off to I'm gonna proof them wrong in a business context is not easy. Especially in startups where co-founders and their first employees work nearly 24/7 on the product and remove the term work-life-balance from their vocabulary.

Improve your startup product

Therefore we've created a short guide on how to facilitate this process in order to make the most of negative customer feedback. Hint: This guide can be shortened or extended at will.

1. Shout it out loud

You think the world is not fair and that all the love and energy you put into your product wasn’t worth it. You are mad. You wanna tell the world that everything sucks and that you’re about to throw it all away. Our advice: Do so and shout it out.

Worst case: Someone tries to calm you down by offering to talk (Best case: over a drink)

2. Cry a lot

We know that this is actually just another way to express your feelings. But want to note: You have the right to feel sad, exhausted and not capable of handling your business. We all do. It's just important to find a way to overcome this feelings before they overcome you.

3. Analyze the Feedback

No matter how hard the customer feedback hit you, try to stick to the facts and analyze it. You know best that at least parts of it are true, otherwise you wouldn't be that offended.

4. Contact your Customer

As soon as you've discovered the mentioned essence, try to get in touch with your customer. Find out why he or she experienced your product that way and what else the person would have expected. Use this interaction to improve your product.

5. Get back to Work

Implement the improvements you came up with, no matter what. Trust us, it totally pays off. Improving over time by asking your customers what they liked and disliked is essential to build a relevant business.

BONUS: 6. Have some Ice Cream

It’s proven that eating ice cream makes us happy. Really. Read this

Take this guide more or less seriously. We wanted to point out that it’s up to you whether you want to turn your critical customers into your most valuable ones or not. Because those critical ones care almost as much about your product as you do - otherwise they wouldn’t spend their time writing feedback.

One last thing: You have bought thousands of products so far and most likely given some kind of negative feedback yourself. Therefore always remember: At some point you sucked too.

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