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Your customers can get in touch with your business on Telegram - with oratio!

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Instead of having the chat only on your website, use Kik for bringing live chat to your customers

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oratio is built to work with teams. Get your whole company on board in just a couple of minutes.

Benefits of using Kik

Kik is among the most popular messenger of teenagers and young adults in the US & Canada. It is a true pioneer when it comes to messaging & chatting via chatbots. It also supports its famous QR codes to easily scan and start chatting with businesses.

Connect your Kik account to oratio and get started! Chat online with your customers using Kik messenger and connect through a true live chat experience with your users.

What can I do with Kik?

Customer service Pre sales

Help your customers decide. Every customer is different, but a happy customer is always the key for a long-lasting business relationship! Chat with your users and help them become satisfied clients.

Customer service Post sales

Keep up with your loyal customers. Whenever your users need help with your service even after purchasing it, on Kik your business is only a message away.

Order collection

Accompany your customer along the sales process. Your clients are not sure what product is right for them? Help them deciding and help them when they need it.

General support

Be creative. For every other use case, you can use Kik to connect with your users instantly. Offer personal and quick assistance wherever they need you.

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