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Speakers at ChatbotConf 2017

Bernhard Hauser - oratio

Bernhard Hauser

Co-founder of oratio

David Pichsenmeister – oratio

David Pichsenmeister

Co-founder of oratio

Helen Tsang - Facebook

Helen Tsang

Engineering Manager at Messenger

Joe Rice – Twitter

Joe Rice

Head of Partnerships EMEA
at Twitter

Helen Zeng – Slack

Helen Zeng

Partner Engineer
at Slack

Michael Finkler – Google

Michael Finkler

Partner Technology Manager at Google

Mor Shemesh – Microsoft

Mor Shemesh

OSS Developer @ Partner Catalyst at Microsoft

Grzegorz Przybycien – IBM

Grzegorz Przybycien

Executive Architect
at IBM

Ashley D'Arcy – Poncho

Ashley D'Arcy

Head of Creative
at Poncho

Ashley Lapiz – oratio

Ashley Lapiz

Head of Communication
at oratio

Dmitriy Kachin – Chatfuel

Dmitriy Kachin

Head of Partnerships
at Chatfuel

Uku Tammet – TransferWise

Uku Tammet

Product Engineer
at TransferWise

Piotr Galar – oratio

Piotr Galar

at oratio

Beerud Sheth – Gupshup

Beerud Sheth

at Gupshup

Rene Tanczos

Rene Tanczos

at oratio

Lauren Golembiewski – Voxable

Lauren Golembiewski

CEO and Co-founder
of Voxable

Mario Brkic – BeeOne/Erste Bank

Mario Brkic

R&D Lead
at BeeOne - Erste Group Lab

Jesús Martín – Beeva

Jesús Martín

UX & Product Designer
at Beeva

Victor Thoma – ERGO Digital

Victor Thoma

Project Manager
at ERGO Digital Innovation Lab

Ilze Dreyer –

Ilze Dreyer

Senior Product Manager

Leonid- Kyrpychenko – Atlassian

Leonid Kyrpychenko

Senior Full-stack Engineer at JIRA Cloud Platform

Elena Churilova – Ophi

Elena Churilova

Founder & CEO
of Ophi

Renato Barbosa – amazon

Renato Barbosa

Solutions Architect
at Amazon

Antoine Paillusseau – FinChatBot

Antoine Paillusseau

Co-founder & CEO
at FinChatBot

Emanuelle Capparelli – HEROES

Emanuelle Capparelli


Fernando Sapato – Amazon

Fernando Sapato

Solutions Architext
at Amazon

Stephan Karner – Mon Style

Stephan Karner

at Mon Style

"This is actually the best conference of all the conferences I have been part of"
Mikhail Larionov, Facebook Inc.
"Fantastic event with high quality audience and speakers from all of the platforms, sharing learnings together"
Amir Shevat, Slack Inc.

Community Day

Mon, 2. Oct '17

Together with the local and international community, we organize talks, panels, workshops and meetups all over the city – for the community, by the community

Conference Day

Tue, 3. Oct '17

Listen to world class experts in the international chatbot space and learn more about the current development and outlook of messaging

Erste Campus
sponsored by Erste Bank




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You will get
  • Access to all community events
  • Access to all talks & keynotes
  • Access to the expo area
  • Access to the CBC afterparty
  • The legendary CBC tote bag
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks & drinks



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Day 1: Mon, 2. October

Community Events
09:30am - 10:45am Welcome Breakfast by Vienna Business Agency

by Vienna Business Agency

Welcome to Vienna! Everything you need to know about the Tech-Startup Location Vienna
We welcome especially – but not exclusively – the international (chatbot) community with morning coffee, information about Vienna’s tech startup ecosystem and the upcoming Community Day of ChatbotConf 2017.

  • 9:00 – Arriving & Networking
  • 9.30 – Karine Lacroix, Gregor Posch, Christoph Henrichs, Vienna Business Agency
    Welcome to Vienna: Introduction to our Services and the Business and Tech Startup Location Vienna
  • 9.50 – BotsHub Vienna, Startup City Vienna as seen by Startups
    Natalie Korotaeva, craftworks,, initiator of the Facebook Developer Circle Vienna: My view on Vienna and especially
    Floor Drees, Managing Director, Sektor 5 & incubator 5Starts
    Emanuele Caparelli, my first impressions of the Startup City Vienna.
  • 10.30 – Chatbot Community Day
    What’s next? Information on the upcoming Events

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12:30pm - 3:30pm Round Table Discussion

by Rocket Monkeys

"Your chatbot UX sucks? How to test and improve your chatbot usability"
Rocket Monkeys invites all the participants to a get-together before the round table from 12:30PM, where they will offer food and drinks and an oportunity to network. The round table will start at 1:30PM.

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3pm - 4pm Scaling Conversational AI on AWS

by Amazon

In this open AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, you'll find a forum for all your questions about how Amazon Web Services helps you to build conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text and how the team at AWS can help you scale.

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4pm - 5pm Chatting to the Real World

by Moybo

Moybo CTO Mike Grman and Senior Developer Vladimir Drapalyuk will show you how to connect a chatbot to Rasperry Pi and use chat to interact with objects in the real world.

Important: This workshop has limited capacity of 15 people

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4pm - 5:30pm Workshop

by Anbotux

"Personalizing Chabots. Why, how and when?"
An interactive workshop to discover how to combine a myriad of data sources to build a 2nd generation of personalized experience Chatbots.

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4pm - 5:30pm Meet & Greet Elevate - The Bot Accelerator

by TheVentury

Meet the team around ELEVATE - Europe's First Bot Accelerator

Mix and mingle with the organizers, mentors, experts and teams from batch #1 and feel free to ask any question you might have. There will be a short introduction and presentation, but then it's all about getting to know each other.

ELEVATE extends its application phase for batch #2 for all ChatbotConf visitors. Visit this event or come to the booth at ChatbtoConf 2017 on October 3 to ask us anything. Applications will be open until the end of the week of ChatbotConf.

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4.16pm - 5:45pm Viennese Waltz Class

by ondewo

Promoting Viennese ball room culture in a modern setting. The startup ondewo offers an event for the community: a Viennese Waltz dance session including a glass of sparkling wine

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6:30pm - 8pm Developer Circles Vienna Meetup - Chatbots

by Facebook Developer Circles

The first Developer Circle Vienna Meetup in Vienna is taking place at Sektor5 on Community Day of ChatbotConf 2017 #DevCircleVie!

  • Introduction
    Natalie Korotaeva about our new event series. We also will have a special guests from Facebook who tell us about this iniative.
  • Lightning Talk
    Malte Goesche, Strategic Product Partnerships at Facebook about Developer Circle.
  • Talk 1
    Juraj Pal about the Sure Messenger chatbot.
  • Talk 2
    Barbara Ondrisek about "Developing Cross-Platform Chatbots" / Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot.

Afterwards: Mingle, brainstorm, exchange ideas, free drinks and Facebook swag ;)

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  • Location: Sektor5 Siebenbrunnengasse 44, 1050 Vienna
7pm - 10pm Mobile Monday #36: Voice Search & künstliche Intelligenz

by Mobile Monday Austria

This event will be held im German and English

„Alexa, Siri, Google & Cortana – wie ist das Wetter in Wien?“ „Schalte das Licht an!“ Etc… Kommt euch bekannt vor? Uns auch!

Ob in der Google Suche oder in Smart Home Geräten, künstliche Intelligenzen werden im Alltag immer präsenter und (endlich) auch praktikabel. Doch was ändert dies für unser Nutzerverhalten? Wo gibt es Grenzen?

Im nächsten Mobile Monday dreht sich alles um die Frage, wie KIs und die Sprachkommunikation mit diesen, unseren Alltag verändern oder bereichern können. Wie immer sind Experten auf ihrem Gebiet geladen, welche Fragen des Publikums beantworten und uns mit einer spannenden Diskussion durch den Abend führen.

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6:30pm - 8pm Lemmings I/O Demo Day

by Lemmings I/O

Lemmings I/O is a summer training program during which attendees work on a project in a small team. They get input from the best people in design, technology, distribution & product of Vienna as well as from around the globe. All projects are closely or losely related to chatbots and conversational designs.

On this demo day, all participants show what they have been working on over the last months. Join us for this hands-on event at ChatbotConf 2017!

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  • Location: Sektor5 Siebenbrunnengasse 44, 1050 Vienna

Day 2: Tue, 3. October

Main Stage
8:45am Registration and Breakfast 🥐
10:00am Welcome
10:20am Keynote by oratio
  • Bernhard Hauser
  • David Pichsenmeister
11:00am Joe Rice (Twitter) - Turn conversations into relationship
11:40am Lauren Golembiewski (Voxable) - Conversational UX: How to build robust, usable bots
12:20pm Lunch 🍔
1:10pm Michael Finkler (Google) - Building Conversational Experiences
1:50pm Ashley D'Arcy (Poncho) - Competing with character
2:30pm Helen Zeng (Slack) - Bots with jobs: Designing conversational UI for the workplace
3:10pm Panel: Fintech & Insurtech in the Conversational Age
  • Mario Brkic (BeeOne)
  • Victor Thoma (ERGO)
  • Bernhard Hauser (oratio)
  • Uku Tammet (TransferWise)
  • Antoine Paillusseau (FinChatBot)
3:50pm Coffee Break ☕️
4:10pm Helen Tsang (Messenger) - Driving business outcomes with Messenger
4:40pm Mor Shemesh (Microsoft) - Bot Analytics Uncovered
5:20pm Panel: The Future of Communication
  • Emanuele Caparelli (Heroes)
  • David Pichsenmeister (oratio)
  • Lauren Golembiewski (Voxable)
6:00pm Closing Remarks
6:15pm Networking Reception 🍸
Master Class
8:45am Registration and Breakfast 🥐
11:10am Renato Barbosa & Fernando Sapato (Amazon) - A bot that speaks any language
11:40am Elena Churilova (Ophi) - How human do we want our bots to be?
12:10pm Ashley Lapiz (oratio) - It goes down in the DM: Business Use Cases by oratio
12:35pm Lunch 🍔
1:25pm Grzegorz Przybycien (IBM) - Chatbot to study and improve people health behaviour
1:55pm Stephan Karner (Mon Style) - Mon Style: AI and its application in a fashion context
2:25pm Beerud Sheth (Gupshup) - Interbot Communication: The next phase in Bot Evolution
2:55pm Break ⚡️
3:05pm Dmitriy Kachin (Chatfuel) - Chatbots and Messenger Marketing Learnings
3:35pm Ilze Dreyer ( - Meet's virtual assistant
4:05pm Rene Tanczos & Piotr Galar (oratio) - oratio Integration API
4:30pm Coffee Break ☕️
4:50pm Leonid Kyrpuchenko (Atlassian) - Productizing ChatBots
5:20pm Jesus Martin (Beeva) - How to test a chatbot design
6:15pm Networking Reception 🍸


Erste Bank
Vienna Business Agency




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