Call for Community

Organize an official Community Event and be part of ChatbotConf 2017

The First Day is your Day

We are opening the Call for Community to everyone who wants to organize an independent Community Event in Vienna on 2 October 2017.

As a Thank You, you will get up to 2 free tickets for ChatbotConf 2017

Community Events are for Everyone

We encourage startups, agencies, organizations or just a handful of people to team up and organize a talk, panel, party, workshop, hackathon or meetup.

Submit your application and once selected, we are happy to promote it through all our channels as an official ChatbotConf 2017 Community Event

Get ready and host your own Community Event

Apply now

Q.As an organizer, do I get free tickets for CBC17?

Yes, as a courtesy for organizing a Community Event, you will get up to 2 tickets for free for ChatbotConf 2017. Besides that, your event will be promoted for free on all our channels.

Q.Where does my Community Event take place?

This is up to you! Be creative with the location of your choice, the only restriction is that it needs to be in Vienna. We compiled a list of coworking spaces that are already interested in hosting your event.

Q.Can I charge an entry fee?

In order to get the most exposure for your event, your Community Event needs to be a free event. oratio can not covery any costs that occur in relation with your event. Please reserve certain seats for ticket holders of CBC17.

Q.Are only people from Vienna allowed to apply?

No, absolutely not. This Call for Community is open for everyone worldwide who is interested in joining the conference by organizing an event on their own!

Q.How many attendees do I need to host?

This is also up to you. However, the ideal size of your event is somewhere between 20 and 50 people as this represents a crowd that is still managable by one or two persons.

Q.I have additional questions

Please get in touch with our Community team in case you have questions regarding your application for a Community Event at