What is oratio?

oratio is a platform that makes mobile messengers accessible for businesses to offer customer service and customer support via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram Messenger.

We offer every new user a 14 day free trial! You can register a new account at orat.io/register or login at orat.io/login.

How can I offer customer service with oratio?

Once you created your oratio account and connected or created your messenger accounts, you can start chatting with your customers immediately! The only thing you have to take care of is that your customers know about your new customer service channels.

Read more: A full step-by-step guide on how to get started with oratio

How will my customers find out about my new customer service?

For every messenger account you connect or create, we provide a special door page for your website to make it easier for your customers to get in touch with you using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram Messenger.

You can use these door pages by simply linking to them on your website. Find them under Settings > Widget.

An example of these door pages can be found on the bottom of this website at "Contact us via…"

How do I create a WhatsApp account?

Creating a WhatsApp account is very simple. The only thing you have to take care about is the name for your account, which can be entered under Settings > Accounts.

Everything else inluding issueing numbers is automatically handled by oratio and you don't have to worry about it.

Can I use my own number for WhatsApp?

We have a fully automated system in place that handles all incoming/outgoing messages and automatically issues telephone numbers. The number you will get starts with +43 677…. However, if you want to connect your own number, please get in touch with oratio Support.

How do I connect a Facebook account?

Instead of using your personal Facebook account, oratio uses your company's Facebook Page to handle customer service for you.

You must therefore be the admin of a Facebook Page in order to use oratio for your customer communication via Facebook Messenger!

How do I connect a Telegram account?

We use Telegram's bot platform as a form of business accounts. You must therefore have a bot in place, which you can easily create and fully customize on your own.

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How does the Zendesk integration work?

You can easily connect a Zendesk account with your oratio account: All incoming and outgoing messages are still handled by oratio, but they are forwarded to your Zendesk account where you can work within your team on individual customer requests.

You can connect your Zendesk account under Settings > Zendesk.

Please note that the Zendesk integration requires a special plan for your oratio account. Find out more at the pricing page.

Do you offer special features for teams?

Yes, we do! Within your team you can efficiently handle incoming requests by assigning conversations to individual members within your organization.

Different roles in your team have different rights e.g. adding/removing members from a team.

Can I send newsletters to all my customers as well?

Due to security reasons and technical restrictions, we do not support bulk-sending messages to your customers e.g. sending newsletters.

However, we are working on a technology that will empower your business to get in touch with a large quantity of users individually, with only very little personal resources.

Does oratio support multimedia messages?

Yes, we support sending and receiving multimedia messages including images/photos, videos, sounds and other files on Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

On WhatsApp we support sending und receiving images/photos.

How much does oratio cost?

oratio comes in three different pricing options, starting at 19 EUR/USD per month. You can find the pricing details on the pricing page.

All plans include a free 14 day trial!

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, American Express as well as PayPal.

Will I get an invoice for my business?

Yes, you will get an invoice every month automatically sent to you via email. You can furthermore enter your company's VAT number and get automatically the correct VAT issued for your country.

Please note that we work together with an external payment provider. The invoice is therefore issued by an external company ("FastSpring Inc.").

I run an agency. Can I become a partner?

We are always looking for partners from all over the world to work together with! As an official Agency Partner, you will receive financial benefits for leading new customers to oratio. We work closely together with you to bring mobile messengers customer service to your clients

All our official Agency Partners will be listed on our website. Apply here